40W CO2 Laser Tube for Cutting Engraving Machine


40W CO2 Laser Tube 700mm is mainly used for laser engraving machine, laser marking machine and laser cutting machine.

Material: Hard glass
Length: 700mm
Diameter: 50mm

CO2 laser tube is mainly used for laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser cutting machine.
It is the core component light,and can be carved and cut acrylic, cloth, leather, bamboo, wood, engraving, etc.

This is mainly made of hard glass, the cavity, the electrode composed of three parts.

1. Hard glass part; the part formed by firing into the discharge tube GG17 material, water-cooled
jacket, storage units and back to the trachea and components. Sealed-off CO2 laser is typically
three pipe structure. Innermost discharge tube, the middle is the net water jacket, the outermost
layer is the gas storage units, return pipe is used for communicating and gas discharge tubes.
2. Cavity parts: the part formed by totally reflecting mirror and output mirrors. Full-mirror cavity
generally with optical glass substrate, the surface crossing the gold film, gold film mirror reflection
over 10.6um near 98%; output mirror resonator generally use infrared radiation transmissive material
10.6um germanium (Ge) as a base, crossing above the dielectric multilayer film made.
3. Electrode portion: CO2 lasers generally use cold cathode is cylindrical in shape, the choice of the
cathode material has a great influence on the life of the laser, the basic requirements for cathode
materials are: sputtering rate, small gas absorption rate, commonly used metals material nickel

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Product Description

How to use it:
1.Line first electrode connected, (+, -) Do not pick the wrong pole.
2.Cooling water pipe connected, the water connection from the anode, cathode and down into the
water on the principle meet, and the interface is not leaking. Must store enough water in the water
before use, must weather bubble through water in the water-cooled pipe before use (before use each
time you have to look).
3.Automatic detection devices are recommended to join in the net but the laser tube water system to
prevent the laser tube without water while at work due to overheating fault

First, the moment is not deep:
1.Cut is not deep: check the supporting point of the laser tube is reasonable, whether the light intensity
is set too small, the optical path is offset, the focal length is correct, whether ytterbium sheet surface
scratches and dirt, if the flow of cooling water flow pressure normal , no more than a few problems on
check light outlet lens inside the laser tube for scratches and dirt, if you are normal, then it is the laser
tube itself, the quality problem.
2.Emitting a while before the moment is not deep: this problem is to test the support point of the laser tube
is reasonable, the water temperature exceeds 30 degrees, the lens is heat at work, whether the flow of
cooling water flow pressure is normal, if the cooling water clean, above normal then check the laser tube

Second, the high voltage ignition and discharge:
1.Check around the high pressure head there and moist dirt away from the metal part of the machine is too
close; the other is the laser power high-voltage connector device is falling from the seat, and whether an
internal high-voltage connector device disconnection and destruction. If above normal, then so is the quality
of the laser tube itself is a problem.

Third, the laser tube broken, cracked, water head off:
1.Water temperature is controlled in the range of 25 ? -30 ?, the cooling water can not ice cold regions,
especially after laser shutdown, may not allow the cooling water retention in the laser tube.
2.Whether luminous work under the control of the water protection; (test will not be as luminous water off
and emit light or not)
3.There are no water pipes will fight the demolition of the phenomenon.
4.Whether there will be bubbles within the laser tube.
5.Water pressure is normal; if the direction of flow low prices.

Package include:
1 x 40W Laser Tube


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