500mW Laser Engraving Machine


Voltage and current; DC5V 1mah
Power: 500mW
Color: Transparent
Material: Acrylic + Aluminum + Stainless Steel
Suitable for: Support Win 7, XP, Win 8, Mac system
Work Area: 38 * 38mm
That is size 38 * 38mm image can it print up to and printed on

Support our professional English design software.
Engraving is 10 times faster.
Strong and cool design, high precision and stability.
Unique frame and weak light automatic positioning, Frame positioning makes the image positioning easier, Weak light even would not be difficult to engrave in toothpicks, Make engraving picture no excess residue and perfect, also more safe to prevent fire.
High Resolution Print, Soft material can print out the 3D and the gradient effect.
Lone time use, NEJE developed the professional power IC and radiator, Carving time will last much longer than other laser and more stable.
Truly 500mW Blue and purple laser head, more higher speed, support more types of materials.
Can be carved items included: Hard wood, plastic, bamboo, rubber, leather, cut paper and so on Can NOT engrave Metal / Aluminum / Acrylic.

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Product Description

How to use JZ-5:
Step 1 Find an win7 / 8 / xp/ 10 computer. Connect it to two usb port.
Step 2 Install the software.-In the memory card
Step 3 Start the software, Usually start software will automatically connect usb port,IF not, conect is by youself.
Step 4 Chose or import a picture, edit it. make sure the pic is in the mid of the print area.
Step 5 Start Print.
NOTE! IF can?t Print Please check:
1: make sure your computer is win7/8 system.
2:the usb port is connected to the computer.
3:Carving the focal length of the different object is different, need to adjust the focal length of the laser
4 Many users feedback after using multiple can?t print full image, It is because of non-standard operation, You need to slide laser and sliding table manually to the origin.

Download the time will be prompted to have the virus, due to the problem of programming software, anti-virus software will mistakenly believe that the virus. Only need to download before closing the anti-virus software, download and then open. Please rest assured that the use of this software to ensure that there is no virus.

Package include:
1 x Host
1 x USB Cable (about 94cm long)
1 x Power Cable (about 94cm long)
1 x Wrench
1 x Laser safety glasses
1 x1G memory card
1 x Instruction book


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