Metal Wood Electric Pen Engraver 220V EU Plug


Power: European standard plug
Product Weight: 380G
Package weight: 0. 45KG
Packing Material: OPP bag + high foam box + bubble film
Color: Blue
Motor Material: Copper
Input Power: 15W
Rated Frequency: 50 / 60HZ
Rated voltage: 220V-240V
Cable length: about 135CM
Housing material: reinforced nylon
Scope: metal, jade, stone and so on.

Package includes:
1 x Electric Engraver
1 x User Manual

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Product Description

1. Tungsten carbide tip pen
For most of the wood and stone and metal, polystyrene film. It is easy to carve and personalized production.
2. Comfort grip position design
Spray non-slip soft plastic package APP
Solid, stable! !
3. LED assist lamp
Direct the LED lighting, ensuring significantly affecting the color of the material premise for effective auxiliary lighting.
4. 6 stall speed control knob
Comfortable rounded knob force
6 speed adjustment stalls, stalls adjust clear.
5. efficient “shark gill” vents
Unique “shark gill” vents, with the body design is more conducive to the effective discharge motor heat.
6. Tail docking accessories
Rear chassis design with a hook
Located in the rear fuselage parts dock, equipped with another function tip and a matching hex wrench, do not take place, it does not affect the operation, easy to replace.


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