Laser Engraver Engraving Machine

250MW Laser Engraver Wood Leather Rubber Paper Plastic Engraving Machine


Carving (or marking) of material:
Wood, bamboo, leather, leather, cardboard, rubber sheet, stamp, paper, plastic (ordinary cell phone case).
2014.1.1 software software update it, genuine! Free! USB Interface! No dongle!

Packing List:
Mini laser engraver X 1 set

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Product Description

1. 2.5X laser intensity: truly 250mW laser head, more higher speed, support more types of materials.
2. 2.5X engraving area: 8cm * 7.5 cm carving area, largest range of mini laser engraver in AliExpress.
3. Fixed engraving platform: improved locating system, both X & Y axes are positioned by moving the laser head. More heavier objects can be carved, carving result more clearly and stabilized.
4. One-step molding technology injection molding plastic shell and accessories: more beautiful and solid
5. low noise
6. software upgrade to 2.0: support vector outline Engraving, more features, more stable

The machine features:
1) has a grayscale printing function
2) Laser power adjustable
3) burn time is adjustable engraved
4) has a low-light positioning function
5) with a free positioning function
6) the software is simple. (Multi-language, the system displays in English, Traditional Chinese, English system displays in English)
7) of the USB interface is a laptop desktop can be used.


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