400W Spindle Motor 12V-48V Air Cooled Engraving CNC


Operating voltage: 12-48VDC
Power: 400W
Speed: 3000-12000r / min (12V-3000r / min, 24V-6000r / min, 36V-9000r / min, 48V-12000r / min)
Torque: 500mN.m
Insulation resistancev> 2 megohms
Dielectric strengthv400V
Diameter: 52mm
Chuck portion length: Arbor parts 35mm, (including the nut and sandwich 43mm)
Part chuck diameter: 16mm
Motor Overall Length: 185mm (comprising gripping parts and motor)
Spindle Weight: 0.9KG
Spindle runout: about 0.01-0.03

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Product Description

It can be used to engrave metal or non-metal and other materials.
The spindle with air cooling, can work long hours.
The motor is a lot of DIY users to use, high speed, low noise, suitable for carving PCB, acrylic, drilling, etc.

Package Included:
1 x Spindle Motor


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