10A 120W Switch Power Supply AC 110V-220V to DC 12V


Input Voltage:AC110-220V to DC 12V
Input Frequency:50-60HZ
Load Stability:Plus or Minus 2%
Work Efficiency: 80%
Material:Aluminum Alloy

Product Description

Overload/over voltage/short circuit
Cooling by free air convection (Can’t be used in bathroom)
Switching power supply products are widely used in: industrial automation control, military industry equipment, scientific research equipment, security, monitoring, entrance guard, building intercom, LED lighting, advertising lights, industrial control equipment, communications equipment, electrical equipment, instrumentation, medical equipment, semiconductor refrigeration and heating, air purifier, electronic refrigerator, LCD, LED lamps and lanterns, communications equipment, audio and video products, security, computer case, digital products and instruments, etc

Switching power supply using precautions:
1. metal case power supply cord connected to the shell and the general (FG), to be reliable grounding, in order to ensure safety, do not mistake the shell on the zero line.
2. before installing the electric test run, please check again and check the attachment of terminals, to ensure that the input and output, ac and dc, single phase, multiphase and the positive and negative voltage value and current value is correct, no doubt, can operate.

Package Included:
1 x AC TO DC Power Supply


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