3D Laser Scanner Ciclop DIY for 3D Printing


Scanned object
-The object space volume greater than 5x5cm (space diameter and height)
-The object space volume is less than 20.3×20.3cm
-The object weight less than 3 kg
-The object is stable
-Opaque objects
Difficult to scan objects
-The volume is less than 5×5 cm
-Transparent objects (glass, plastic,etc.)
-Luminous or strong reflective objects
-Very dark targets and surface blurred objects (such as plush toys)
Do not scan objects
-The volume is greater than 20.3×20.3cm objects
-Weight greater than 3 kg
-Moving objects

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Product Description

Color: Black
Maximum supported weight: 3kg

Assemble manual

This product with US plug ,and we will provide adapter according to delivery country.

Package Included:
1 x DIY 3D Laser Scanner


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